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What is the difference between carbon steel casting and alloy steel casting Release time:2020-10-21     Views

  Carbon steel is the basic material used earliest and consumed most in modern industry. Industrial countries in the world, while striving to increase the output of low alloy high strength steel and alloy steel, also pay great attention to improving the quality of carbon steel and expanding the variety and application range.

  Introduction to carbon steel casting: at present, the output of carbon steel accounts for about 80% of the total steel output of various countries. It is not only widely used in construction, bridge, railway, vehicle, ship and various machinery manufacturing industries, but also widely used in modern petrochemical industry and marine development. Carbon steel is the basic composition of iron, containing a small amount of carbon iron alloy, also known as carbon steel, carbon less than 1.3%.

  Alloy steel castings: alloy steel hardness, wear resistance, hardenability, corrosion resistance, etc. are better than carbon steel. They are widely used in mechanical parts than carbon steel. The corrosion resistance and wear resistance of carbon steel are generally poor, so they are generally used as structural parts, not suitable for contact parts, such as bearings. Carbon cast steel is divided into carbon steel castings for welding structure and carbon steel castings for general engineering. There are mainly carbon steel castings for welding structure and carbon steel castings for general engineering, and alloy steel is made by adding a certain amount of alloying elements on the basis of carbon steel.

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